"Ochoa (8-A)" (Radiotelevizione italiana)

Original music score composed by Daniel Freiberg. Capturing an internal Cuban crisis that occurred in 1989, director Orlando Jimenez Leal superbly blends actual footage with dramatized acting. In doing so, the film accurately depicts how Cuban dictator Fidel Castro purged a highly respected senior Army Officer that possibly threatened his rule. The execution of General Arnaldo Ochoa, COL Tony de la Guardia, and their two assistants, along with the incarceration of over 20 others, reveals the true nature of the Castro regime. Convicted of engaging in illicit transactions that were ordered by Fidel, the film shows how a potential reformer was used as a scapegoat to clean the regime's dirty laundry, while ridding itself of a potential threat to its rule. This film uses first hand information to lay out the stunning story of a dictatorial regime trying to survive, as its main protector, the Soviet Union, collapses from the weight of its failed system. It is gripping, well-filmed, and well documented. A must see for those interested in the inner workings of an unprincipled and bloody system that has sealed its eventual downfall with actions such as those dramatized in the film.